Garmin Approach G3 Touchscreen Review

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garmin approach g3 touchscreen review

Garmin Approach G3




Garmin Approach G3 Touchscreen Review

Garmin have definitely raised the bar in the golf GPS market in the last six months. We recently reviewed how owners rated golf GPS’s in the UK and USA, and Garmin came out on top in both price ranges we looked at, with the G3 coming first with an amazing score of 94.5%.  So, here’s our Garmin Approach G3 Touchscreen review.

The Garmin G3 comes packed with all the features you would expect to find in a top end golf GPS system:  Rugged design, waterproof, yardage to all hazards, the ability to move the pin around the green using touchscreen, scorecard for up to four players, measure shot distances, measure any two points on the hole and there are no download fees or membership fees to pay. One of the standout comments by owners of the G3 is how easy it is to use.

Three Owner Complaints About the Garmin G3 Approach

Nothing in life is perfect, and the G3 is no exception to this rule according to some owners. The three most common grievances are as follows:

  • The Garmin G3 is not rechargeable
  • Some Courses are not available
  • Screen can be hard to see in harsh light

Owner reviews from around the web have mixed opinions about the fact the G3 runs on AA batteries. Some people actually claim this is a benefit rather than a bad point, if your device runs out of juice you simply pop a spare set in and away you go. You can expect a set of batteries to last for two rounds. Another minor gripe is the G3 screen can be hard to see in certain lighting conditions, but most reviewers agree this can easily be overcome by tilting the device while some say they have no problem reading the screen. If you have poor eyesight you may want to think about this when making your decision on whether to buy the G3. Finally, you may want to check that your course is available before buying a G3, as not all courses are available, but Garmin are constantly adding more courses. You can check course availability here.

What owners love about the Garmin Approach G3 Golf GPS

  • No download fees
  • No membership fees
  • Easy to use
  • Touchscreen works well
  • Great accuracy on distances
  • Rugged build
  • Waterproof
  • Massive memory
  • Big screen
  • Keeps score for up to four players

When considering the Garmin G3 the positives definitely outweigh the negatives.  Firstly there are no download or membership fees to pay, so once you have paid for your G3 there is no hidden cost waiting for you every year or every time you play at a new course. Another welcome feature is the massive memory which comes pre-loaded with 5400 maps (and growing).

The Garmin G3 is very easy to use; simply turn the device on upon your arrival at your chosen course and away you go. It can take about 5 minutes to get a signal sometimes, so make sure you switch it on as soon as you get there. Another well received feature is that it’s possible to get the phone number and address of a golf club while browsing the available courses on your device. You can also check out the layout of any course before you get there, so you can gain some advantage over your friends before you play.

The accuracy of the Garmin has been confirmed by many owners of this unit; one gentleman stood on the red markers for every hole on his local course and found that the Garmin was correct to one yard either side of the 100 yard marker. One owner found the Garmin was well of the mark on one hole but put this down to a little glitch as it has not happened to him since.

The touchscreen is a wonderful feature of this golf GPS; you can move the location of the pin around the green very easily, just touch the screen and the new yardage will pop up in top right corner.  In fact, you can touch anywhere on the course and the G3 will give you the distance to that point. If you want to measure your shot distance; touch the “measure shot” prompt and walk to your ball and you will instantly see the yards going up as you reach your ball you will see the distance you require.

To sum up the Garmin Approach G3 is arguably the best golf GPS’s available today, with an owner rating of 94.5% you would have consider this device if it’s within your budget. It certainly ticks all the boxes when it comes to features, and with Garmin you have a history of great build quality and reliability.

Best Price for the Garmin G3

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