Golf GPS Reviews: Ultimate Online Golf GPS Device Comparison Guide

This site was established in 2011 and has been the NO1 go-to guide for many golfers.

With the numerous amount of Golf GPS’ on the market today finding the best one to fit your needs can sometimes be confusing or overwhelming. This Web guide will help you find the perfect device to suit your needs.

We review all types of golf sat navs including golf GPS watches, Laser rangefinders or handheld golf GPS devices.

Golf GPS buyers guide

The first thing you should do when buying a golf GPS is decide on which features you want your device to have.

Here is a list of some of the most common features

  1. How good is the battery life?
  2. Does it have a colour or black and white screen?
  3. How many preloaded courses are available?
  4. Are there any membership fees or subscriptions?
  5. Does it show hazards?
  6. Can you move the pin around the green
  7. Can you add hazards and other features manually?
  8. Size: Is it too big etc.
  9. Can it track scores?
  10. How accurate is it?
  11. Does it have a touchscreen?

Which type of golf GPS should I buy?

You basically have three types of golf GPS, a handheld device, laser rangefinder or watch. Laser rangefinders are obviously bigger and take up much more room in the golf bag and they are heavier than a handheld device or a watch. Although a laser rangefinder is slightly more accurate by one or two yards.

A handheld golf GPS usually has a bigger screen golf GPS watch. This will be worth considering if you have poor eyesight and you want a big display. One problem with golf GPS handheld device it is possible to lose one by putting it down and then forgetting to pick it up again or sometimes people drop theirs, without realising, until it’s too late.

Golf watches are becoming much more popular with golfers today. You will never lose one (as long as you are wearing it) and the info is always on hand-pun intended. They are discreet and easy to use although the screen displays tend to be a bit smaller than a handheld device. Due to their size they tend to have fewer features and the touchscreens can be a bit fiddly.

Golf Gps Type Charge Hazzards Touchscreen Scorecard Owner Ratings Price
Garmin S1 Approah Watch 2 Rounds N N N 88% £99
Garmin  S2 Approach Watch 2 Rounds Y N Y 89% Value
Garmin S3 Approach Value Value Value Value Value Value Value
Value Value Value Value Value Value Value Value
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